c o c k t a i l s

New season, new drink list.


What are the main ingredients in this new menu? Enthusiasm, dedication and the will to amaze.

These recipes – because that is what they are - include pistachios, rice and leather zest, just to name a few. There are the alcoholic bases to please every palate; gin, whiskey, mezcal, rum, cachaça, which are enough to treat any condition.


That’s right, Argot’s menu draws its inspiration from the history of alcohol and its original use, which was medical until the 18th century. That's why in the living room of Via dei Cappellari, you'll find your red recipe.

Knowing the past to venture into the future.

Time to start from the ice, which plays a main role in mixing and has remained behind the scenes too long. So the Ice Carving technique allows pure, transparent demineralized ice to be shaped as a sphere or diamond on the fly and served in the drink.

We put our mind at work to make ideas come true by pushing on the accelerator of sophistication. We brought electromagnetic waves in the Argot laboratory to infuse milk and passion fruit, nitrogen peroxide to instantly age a drink, and citric acid for the hydrogenation of a ghost drink.

If one word were enough to describe all this, it would be an unusual one which you look up in a dictionary and never forget. It would be synesthesia. When stimuli belonging to different senses are mixed together, this is what happens. Taste is confused with smell, sight can be hot or cold, appropriating the feeling of touch.

Magic, or rather synesthesia.